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Progress 2014-2015:

•Virtual Course on properly completing and filing death certificates for medical doctors - English version

• Virtual Course on properly completing and filing death certificates for medical doctors – French version


Some of the expected results: 

•Work plan for technical cooperation activities with Caribbean countries for strengthening Information Systems for Health. 

•Prepare a framework for RELACSIS work plan in the Caribbean. 

•Working network established, virtual meeting every 2 months.


Priorities for technical cooperation:

•Dissemination of the English and French versions of the course for physicians in the correct filling of death certificates.

•Participate in the ICD11 field tests.

•Implementation of computer-assisted mortality coding system.

•Participate in the ICD11 field tests.

•Use of the RELACSIS portal as platform for sharing documents, best practices, etc. 

Improve technical capacity for Health Situation analysis:

•Develop capacity in analysis and research. 

•Conduct training/workshop on Health Analysis and data quality assessment. 

Strategic problems related to the quality of information:

•Establish legal and technical framework to support HIS.

Countries generating indicators, promoting use and dissemination:

•Develop core set of indicators for the sub-region.


Recent Meetings related with HIS

• Strengthening of Information Systems for Health  in the Caribbean, July 22-24, Barbados.

• Electronic Medical Records in the context of a National and Sub regional eHealth Strategy, September 14-16, Barbados.

• Measurement and accountability for strengthening Health Information Systems (HIS) in the Caribbean , September 16-18, Barbados.


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