For many, the idea of having anal sex is extremely naughty and alien. Well, no wonder, since there were so many taboos and myths surrounding anal sex. However, today it is enjoyed by countless individuals, and for sure whoever has tried it will tell you that it was just amazing.

Now, if you are a straight guy who wants to give anal sex a shot, here are a few things you must know in advance. So, before you go all anal with your girlfriend or your trans escort, educate yourself on how to exactly do it…

Does it make you gay?

Before we begin with the tips, there is something you need to clear in your mind – wanting anal sex does not make you gay. Just because you want to explore a completely new hole, it doesn’t mean you have to question your own sexuality. In fact, wanting anal sex doesn’t make you bisexual. There are several men who love anal sex and are absolutely and 100 percent straight.

Anal sex is becoming more and more famous amongst straight couples. So, don’t stress yourself thinking about your sexuality, or even about how the society will judge you. Just try it and have fun, and stop if you didn’t like it. That’s it.

Tips on having anal sex successfully

 Getting started:

Most men start by penetrating their anus with their fingers. You need to give your anus sometime to expand and get used to of the new stimulation. Use lots of lube and take it real slow. Relax your mind and relax your bottom muscles. Once you think you are ready for more, take it to the next level.

Use butt toys:

Strap ons are normally used by heterosexual couples these days. However, you can even try vibrators and smaller size dildos. The idea is to train your butt to take in the thing. Once your body accepts and gets comfortable with smaller toys, you can go for something more advance. Also, with toys you can control the penetration speed. After all, hard and rough is not what you need at the beginning.

Listed to your body:

Some guys just cannot take anal sex, if you are one of those unlucky ones, don’t push yourself. Also, many are allergic and thus cannot handle things down there. For instance, if you are allergic to latex, condoms and toys made using latex can cause burning sensation and irritation in your butt. Nevertheless, in such cases all you have to do is buy non-latex products. So, understand your body and work with it accordingly.

 Will it hurt?

The answer to this question in one word is – Yes. Honestly, anal penetration can be a scary experience in the beginning, especially if you start with something big and less lube. However, once you start focusing on the stimulation, you will definitely forget all about the pain and experience the most intense orgasm.

If you are not into men, but want to try anal sex with something real, hiring a transgender escort can be your best option. There are many transsexual escorts working with who have fully functional penis. They are capable and willing to penetrate their clients, and thereby give them the best experience of their lives.

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