Reusable bags are designed to be more durable, and heavier. They have a longer life. These bags provide heightened durability, and strength to have an appealing look. Each bag is made out of various materials that can be recycled, and made reusable. This, in turn makes them safer for the environment.

In this article, we will learn more about the different kinds of reusable bags available in the market.

Cotton Canvas Bags

Cotton is a resource-intensive material and a renewable material that is made from natural fiber. These bags are made from a conventional form of cotton, the recycled form of cotton bags, and organic cotton. Organic cotton is cultivated without pesticides that make them beneficial for the environment.

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Calico Reusable Bags

Calico is basically a material that is made from cotton fibers. It is in unbleached and unprocessed form.

These bags are resource-intensive and provide a high carbon footprint.  Due to the absence of the bleaching procedure and processing makes these bags safer for the environment than conventional cotton. This fabric is cost-efficient, durable and strong. They also shrink less at the time of washing them in hot or warm water.

Hemp Reusable Bags

Hemp is another important variation of reusable bags. They are made from natural fibers that are many times stronger in contrast to cotton. Hemp is basically used for industrial applications and textiles. This crop grows effectively in inferior quality soils. It is tolerant towards drought, and also grows remarkably without fertilizers and pesticides.

These bags are highly strong, resistant to rot, and durable. These bags can be washed in the machine and dried easily without any shrinkage in its size. Hemp can also be blended with various other materials that include cotton, or recycled form of PET.

Jute Reusable Bags

Jute is a natural material that is made from plant fibers. It is spun into rough and strong threads. Jute is mostly cultivated areas that receive high rainfall. It requires negligible irrigation or pesticides that make it safer for the environment.

Jute is a natural renewable resource. Bags made from it are compostable, affordable, and biodegradable. They can be blended with various different types of fabrics.

Reusable Paper Bags

Paper bags are used by non-grocery and specialty stores. However, the reuse of these bags is problematic. This is because with reuse, the material “paper” used for making these bags lose their strength.

Also, when they are exposed to water, they can get tear and wear.  There are some more advantages of using paper bags such as biodegradability. They are also a renewable resource, and recyclable. They offer good color printing.


Reusable bags are not just cost-efficient, long-lasting, but also eco-friendly as well. With a better understanding of the type of material, you can make the right selection.

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