When it comes to lighting, chandeliers have been extremely popular from many centuries. Unlike other lighting types chandeliers have made a fabulous journey from French castles to current times. Whether you want to decorate your home or planning a renovation, chandelier adds a luxury touch to your house.

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A traditional chandelier has candles, later on they are exchanged with light bulbs. These days, manufacturers are making chandeliers with individual embellishments and materials. Even though, there is not any great fashion statement regarding the effect of interior lighting effects, but they create a great ambience in the room.

There are various styles of chandeliers, so it is quite challenging to choose a right style that perfectly suits to your room or home. You have to choose the style that matches with the look and elegance of your home.

Styles of chandelier

The styles of chandelier are categorized into different forms. They include:

  • Mission chandelier – It will have straight, even edge and looks simple. This type of chandelier will be made with materials like stained glass, mica, and others. They create a warm, soft light.
  • Tiffany – They also be made with different color stained glass. You can find Tiffany chandeliers in different shapes, sizes, and prices.
  • Wrought iron – These chandeliers will be coated with different powder for a real effect.
  • Rustic chandeliers – Materials such as mica, copper, bronze, or steel are combined together to give a traditional touch. Among all chandeliers, rustic form gives a homey feeling.
  • Antler chandelier – If you like to create a distinctive look in your home antler chandelier is the best option. You can find real or fake antlers.
  • Custom-made chandeliers – These are the most expensive style chandeliers compared to others. You can create your own style chandelier by choosing your favorite material, chains, or other pieces.

For a custom-made chandelier you have to talk with your dealer. If you like a unique style chandelier, then custom-made chandelier is a right choice.

Chandeliers can create a beautiful statement in your home but there are chances that the look can go downhill if you do not choose the right one. So, you need to choose a perfect style as there are many options available in the market from custom-made to ready-made. You can choose a luxurious and homey chandelier that satisfies your preferences within your budget.

These days, there are many retailers even online sellers, who specialize in providing various lighting fixtures. You can take full advantage of these retailers when purchasing a chandelier. Light has an exceptional feature that transforms a simple room to a lovely and beautiful space with a click of switch.

Also, they reflect the owner personality and creates mood. Among all lighting fixtures, chandeliers are the stunning style of lighting. Choose a trust-worthy retailer and order your favorite chandelier style to brighten your room or home.

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