Every person who is addicted to alcohol, cocaine and other illicit drugs has some or other reasons to justify their addiction. But it is not good for health. Let’s see the negative effects of these drugs and how you can, as a couple, get out of this addiction.

You may suffer from, lack of concentration, balance problems, blurred vision, unconsciousness, amnesia, respiratory problems, slower pulse rate, and even Death.

Couples are being addicted to these drugs and to help them attain soberness, their family members or friends are considering couples drug rehab centers to help them come out of this addiction and towards rehabilitation.


A lot of people use cocaine either in powdered form or freebase. Some side effects of cocaine abuse are excessive sensitivity to touch and sound, intense happiness or anger, reduced hunger, headaches, seizures, loss of smell, heart stroke, mood problems.

Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance abuse means using more than one substance at a time.

People who are addicted to polysubstance are being in an intoxicated state for a longer time. When alcohol and cocaine are combined it gives the “high” effect for a longer period, which is dangerous to heart health.

Though there are a lot of substances to abuse, here are some commonly used substances.

Alcohol and Cocaine

Cocaine and alcohol are the most commonly abused substances. When someone intakes this combination, the cocaine level increases by 30 percent more in their body. A psychoactive metabolite known as cocaethylene is produced by the liver when cocaine and ethanol coexist in the blood stream for a much longer time, and this can be very risky and leads to increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Opioids and Benzodiazepines

The combination of these two compounds can obstruct the blood from reaching the brain. In severe cases it could also lead to death of an individual. When compared to other drugs, Benzodiazepines takes more time for metabolizing. There are chances of people facing difficulty in breathing.

Prescription and Illicit Drugs

Many prescription drugs are almost alike illicit drugs, in their chemical preparation. This is also as dangerous as illicit drugs. So never be on the opinion that prescribed drugs can be safely abused.

Are you addicted as a couple?

If you are abusing a substance, you have a lower chance of backing away even if you want to recover. Instead of taking a rehabilitation program as an individual, it would be more effective when both partners participate. When you enter the recovery program as a couple you can take care of each other to stay on track.

If you are seeking recovery, the rehabs for couples program provided by Couples Rehab offer all kind of assistance you will need to come out of addiction. With the help of professionals, they evaluate the situation and provide you the best course of action to take. A lot of possibilities are there to achieve recovery since you can help each other towards rehabilitation.

For any treatment program to be successful there should be an effective aftercare plan to help them correct any situation that leads to relapses. Work together for your sobriety.

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