Regular maintenance of trees is necessary if you wish to enjoy their natural beauty and shade for years. No matter how many trees you have on your property, taking good care of them and giving them the attention, they need is a must.

However, as far as tree maintenance is concerned, you can either take up the project on your hand or hire a professional like ALS Tree Service. If you planning to do it yourself, here are some expert tips to help you do it the right way…

Tips for taking care of trees

Understand Their Needs: The first thing you need to do is understand what type of trees you are dealing with. Once you have researched everything there is about the trees on your property, investigate the below mentioned points:

  • Watering needs of the tree.
  • The type and quality of soil needed.
  • Type of allergy or disease affecting the tree.

If you are unable to identify the tree or its needs, you can always consult professionals in this matter.

Check the soil: Soil testing will give you a clear idea about the pH levels and minerals present in the soil. Also, you will understand how to improve the quality of the soil, and thereby ensure best and appropriate growth of your trees. Soil testing is especially important if you are considering to add some newer trees in your yard.

Watering adequately: Newer and replanted trees need regular watering to grow well and remain healthy. On the other hand, older and larger trees need less maintenance. The easiest way to understand how much water your tree needs, simply measure the diameter of the trunk. You will have to water 10 gallons of water for every inch of the trunk’s diameter.

Pruning trees properly: Pruning your trees properly is extremely important for their strong and healthy growth improper pruning will lead to destabilization of your trees. Some of the signs of bad pruning are:

  • A tree oddly leaning to one side.
  • Bottom or top of the tree is heavy.
  • Sunlight being blocked by another tree.

Using mulch: Mulch is not just a decorative element for your yard, but it provides plenty of benefits for your trees too. It helps the ground around the tree in retaining water, as well as insulates the ground from radical temperatures. Mulch is particularly helpful in growing trees which are recently planted.

The quantity of mulch needed depends on the tree itself. Considering the size of the tree, you might need something around 3’ to 10’ of mulch on the ground around the tree.

Trees are a spectacular addition to any yard or property. When maintained well, they can grow and live for years and years, and you and many others can enjoy their natural beauty. If you think taking care of trees is not your cup of tea, you must consult a professional company like They have a team of trained professionals working with them, and thus can take care of your landscaping needs efficiently.

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