Reading and language development plays a big part in a child’s eventual success. Literacy is a tool they’ll typically begin using around third grade. As a parent, you have a critical role in honing this skill. Since you’re their first teacher, they’ll learn the most from how you communicate and interact with them.

Thankfully, there are some simple but effective activities that you can do with your child that’ll enhance their language skills. Here are 3 of them:

Engage in Conversation

Interactive conversation, reviewing the day, and asking questions will ensure that your child gets a steady stream of meaningful language. It can be as simple as talking about the clothes they’re wearing, the food they eat, or what they want to do. Choosing a topic that they’re interested in can make the discussions more substantial, and it’ll hold their attention longer.

A good way to expand their vocabulary is by building on their speech and sentences. For example, if they show you a toy car, and they say, “it’s a car,” respond with “yes, it’s a small, yellow car.” Hearing new things associated with something that they’re already familiar with is how they learn and discover words.

Read With Your Child

No matter what age your child is, reading to them is critical to the development of their language skills. Discuss the pictures and ask them questions about what they see. Not only is it a good way to engage in meaningful conversations, but it also stimulates their imagination and encourages them to interpret the story.

It’s crucial to present reading as a fun activity instead of “studying.” Use age-appropriate books so they’re not taking in anything too easy or difficult for them. Try to choose stories or topics that they like as well, so they’ll stay engaged and interested.

Listen and Be Patient

Always remember that young children don’t process and communicate their thoughts as quickly as adults do, so they may take some time when expressing their ideas. Be calm and patient with them and resist criticizing their speech. Instead, repeat their sentence back to them with the correct pronunciation and usage.

Showing them that you’re listening and paying attention can also encourage them to talk more. You can do this by looking at them and nodding your head so they can see that you understand them and that you’re interested in what they’re saying.

Developing your young one’s language skills as early and often as possible will help them understand how essential good communication is. Thankfully, they can also learn this in child care facilities in Nampa, ID. There, they’ll do all these activities with kids their age and other adults.

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