Most of the children who are under 5 years of age attend preschool programs or other child care centers in the United States. The nurturing and training provided by teachers help to meet the child’s needs and support their development. These programs will have a great impact on child’s emotional, social as well as academic success.

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Indicators of a high-quality preschool program

  • Undersized group – If children are in small group, then they can receive more care, nurturing, and attention. According to the National standards, there must be a caregiver for every 4 children of age between 13-35 months and not over 8 children in one room.
  • Staff retention – Toddlers and infants require positive relationship with the caregivers and the relationship will be maintained by staff retention. When choosing a high-quality preschool program for your child you need to know essential information like from how long the staff is working with the organization and training programs offered to the staff previously.
  • Frequent visit of health consultant – Not all childcare centers offer health professional services, few centers will have a school nurse because children are prone to illness and infections frequently.

Few states need professional healthcare consultants to visit toddler and infant programs frequently. They provide development policies regarding health problems in children like infection control, medication, injury prevention, and immunization. Also, they can deal with other problems such as oral health, hearing, vision screening, and more.

Early brain growth and development

According to research studies, a child’s brain will not be developed completely during birth. Developmental changes occur depending on the experiences of a child, particularly during early few years. High quality early child care offers positive experiences for the children that helps in the complement brain development in a positive way.

Early childcare programs

Programs in a childcare center varies from one center to the other, few programs offered by a high quality center are:

  • Established routine
  • Involvement of parents
  • Child-centered philosophy
  • Appropriate activities for the brain and physical development

Benefits of high quality childcare

  • Your child can improve language skills
  • Better performance in math
  • Developed reasoning skills
  • Overall happiness
  • Less aggressive
  • Being friendly with others
  • Ability to do regular activities on their own

A childcare center promotes learning and creative skills of children so that your child will have more opportunities to improve tools and skills. This helps to get success in their social and academic life.

Childcare centers are more than taking care of children. They offer some special sort of programs that guide your child in a right path. Moreover, high quality programs offer comfortable curriculum and flexible schedule depending on the age of your child.

Gather information about childcare centers near you, choose the best childcare center and visit today for your child overall development and bright future.

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