Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home can be very beneficial. It will make your home look beautiful and can add value to your property. The painting of homes dates back thousands of years but has not always been done the same way. Here are some interesting facts about house painting in Canton, GA, that you likely don’t know.

The Oldest House Paint Used Milk, Lime, and Honey

Painting the exterior of homes dates back to the days of cavemen and ancient Egypt. As you might expect, the paint used today hasn’t been around forever. The original materials used to create house paint were a mixture of plant dyes and other natural pigments with milk, lime, and honey. This was originally done to create decorations on homes but, after applying the mixture, they realized that it protected the home from the natural elements as well.

House Painting Was Professionalized in England

While house painting goes back before the English, it was the British isles that professionalized the practice. In the late 1200s, guilds were created by painters and stainers. The two guilds that were created were called the Painters Company and the Stainers Company. In 1502, those two guilds joined together to prevent other trades from using their secrets to success. These guilds provided professionalism and teaching to increase the quality of these two trades.

House Painting Was Not Always Done in Colonial America

As most people know, the Pilgrims came to America from England to escape religious persecution. However, they didn’t bring house painting with them. The Pilgrims believed that house painting displayed vanity, immodesty, and wealth. These are things that the Pilgrims felt were sacrilegious so in the 1600s, the painting of houses was made a criminal offense.

A Red Front Door Has Several Meanings

While not wildly popular, you’ve likely seen homes before featuring red front doors. There are various reasons why someone might paint their front door red. In the Chinese practice of FengShui, a red door provides a welcoming energy to the home. In biblical times, it was believed that having a red door protected your home from the angel of death. A tradition starting in Scotland was to paint your front door red when you’d paid off your home’s mortgage.

House painting is a popular practice that goes back thousands of years but there are a few things that you likely don’t know about it. These are some interesting facts that you likely don’t know about house painting in Canto GA.

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