Father is the first superhero of every person. He not only supports and protects you, but also makes you smile always, even in difficult situations as well. There are many reasons to appreciate your father, and Father’s Day is considered to be a special day to thank fathers and to express love and gratitude to him.

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Father’s day history

Actually, Father’s Day is being celebrated from 1910 in the U.S.  In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd who lived in Arkansas attended Mother’s Day party. Sonora’s mother died when she was still a child and she was brought up by William Smart, her father. He raised his 6 kids alone after the death of his wife. Sonora felt just as Mother’s day there must be one day to appreciate fathers too.

She shared her idea with the church pastor. He took it seriously and asked Sonora to suggest a date, she wanted to celebrate Father’s day on birthday of her father, 5th June. Since, there was less time to make arrangements for celebration pastor shifted the date to June 3rd Sunday.

Later on, everyone in U.S., started celebrating Fathers days, so President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 declared that the 3rd Sunday of June every year will be celebrated as Father’s Day. You can even celebrate Father’s day with your stepfather, grandfather, brother, or uncle, who deserves an appreciation.

Father’s day celebrations in different parts of world

Even though, Father’s day celebration was started in U.S, but soon it was adopted by the people in different parts of world. The reason for celebrating it remains same only the time varies in few parts.

The people of countries like U.S., India, Canada, U.K, Japan, and China celebrates Father’s Day on June 3rd Sunday. While, other countries like New Zealand and Australia celebrates it on 1st Sunday September, in United Arab Emirates and Egypt it is celebrated on June 21st, and in Switzerland and Spain on 19th March.

The person who works hard for the family definitely needs an appreciation and thanks. So, keep your work aside and spend quality time with your dad on this special day. Also, plan something to surprise him and make the day more special for him.

Innumerable things to thank your father

There are various reasons to thank your father on Father’s day. Your father makes sure that you receive finest things throughout your life from school shoes to wardrobe makeover, from marriage celebrations to purchasing house, and more.

He makes out time from his busy schedule to support you on all your special events such as annual day celebrations, sports, and other events. He will be always there for you to clap and encourage.

From building tree house in garden to changing your bike tire, he did small to big things for you. So, choose your father’s favorite thing depending on his interest and order today to get a cute smile on your father’s face.

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