During the 60s, when bell-bottom, flower-crowned hippies romped freely across the beautiful earth in search of mind-altering drugs, headshops played a huge role in this liberal youth movement. It was a platform, where counterculture communities rejoiced and experienced their altered consciousness. Headshop is a place where only cannabis lifestyle accessories are sold and not cannabis.

Interesting information on how the term headshop originated 

Before you go in search of a head shop near me get to know some interesting background on how it got called a headshop. You will enjoy the historical part, even more, when you visit the online store expresssmokeshop.com to buy a vaping or smoking accessory.

The first headshop

The first headshop called Captain Ed’s is located in Los Angeles. It got established in 1967. Till today, this oldest headshop is going strong. Very soon other shops started to pop in large cities of the US where people wanted to get their heads straight.

At the start, the headshop was not smoke oriented. They focused on cheap posters, underground magazines, comedy records, and music. Youth who were curious and searched for answers beyond their upbringing purchased these products. Soon, the hippie movement began and these same shops focused on selling cannabis-related accessories like scented candles and pipes.

The Head shop got its name from a phrase – Get your head right. It sold items like hand pipes, bongs, and papers. Other items related to cannabis cultures like psychedelic records, underground books, and independent zines were also sold. HEAD was a common jargon used for a hippie or an admirer of items sold in the head shop. The term originated from the point that hippie culture was absorbed on things that altered one’s head or mind.


The headshops started to earn profits around the late 70s, during the Vietnam War. Youngsters deeply distrusted the American government and rebelled. Bob Marley along with many other celebrities adorned ‘High Times’ cover. It was an underground magazine that highlighted people’s attention to the paraphernalia landscape. This increased demand, so headshops earned a lot of money.

In the 80s, Government, as well as concerned parents, scrutinized the headshops. Selling drugs and associated paraphernalia was heavily restricted. Thousands of headshops closed down and some started selling hookahs, bongs, and pipes secretly.

20th century’s headshops

Today, the majority of states in the US are legalizing the growth, use, sell, and buy of marijuana. Headshops are called smoke shops but in some shops, you will discover posters of Bob Markey and tie-dye shirts. Local headshops and dispensaries have transformed into artistic spaces that can freely sell weeds to the cannabis community. The budtenders are knowledgeable and efficient regarding the marijuana-related strains and products sold.

Headshops have gone digital and so a small local business has become accessible to nationwide customers. These online smoke shops sell an exorbitant range of cannabis accessories. The business has become more transparent. You can ask questions and clear your doubts regarding the product’s original source.

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