Proper lighting is essential for workplaces, factories and industrial set ups. In fact, it is impossible to carry out routine work in an industrial facility without proper lighting. Now, when we talk about industrial lightings, it goes far beyond purchasing a random light bulb. Different work places need different lightings, and there are several points one must consider when buying industrial light fixtures.

Importance of proper lighting in industrial setups

If we consider workers’ perspective, poor or improper lighting can cause eye-strain, headache, fatigue, stress and in worst case scenarios, even accidents. This doesn’t mean there has to be too much light, because even more lights with more glare can cause headache and stress. In simple words, both will lead to low productivity. 

Several studies are conducted to understand the importance of proper lighting in industrial settings, and most of them conclude that investing in good industrial light fixtures pays back in terms of improved work quality and productivity. Well, improving lighting in workplace doesn’t mean you simply install a number of lights, but it means…

  • You make better use of existing lights
  • You position lighting fixtures correctly considering every task
  • You maintain and clean the existing light fixtures well
  • You use a combination of artificial and natural light

Unfortunately, when it comes to installing industrial lights, no attention is paid to the type of work done. It is mostly believed that every factory needs the same type of lighting, which is not the case. Depending on the type of work which is carried out in a particular factory, lighting requirements change. 

Top three adverse effects of poor industrial lighting

Repeated accidents

Due to bad lighting, it becomes difficult to see objects around you. Also, poor lighting makes it difficult for the workers to concentrate and affects their efficiency. As a business owner, if you are experiencing frequent accidents in your factory or industry, it is time you consider installing better lighting fixtures. 

Eye Strain

When employees constantly strain their eyes to work or use desktop on daily basis, their eyes become teary and blurry. If this situation is not rectified, it can lead to reduced vision, double vision, and other eye-sight issues. 

Chronic Headaches

Bad lighting not only cause eye strain, but even headaches. This is not just something which concerns your employee, but even you as a business owner. Imagine, how bad your product quality can go if all your workers are constantly having headaches.

Why consider LED lighting fixtures?

LED lights are gaining popularity with every passing day. LED technology has clearly outperformed other lighting options, especially if we consider maintenance cost, energy consumption and lighting quality. Nowadays, LEDS are commonly used in parking areas, street lights, etc. Some of the benefits of installing LED lights are:

  • It runs comfortably on low-voltage power supply.
  • It can be frequently switched on and off. 
  • It operates comfortably under different temperature settings.
  • It can be used in a variety of designs.
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is free from toxic chemicals

To summarize it can be said that industrial lighting plays a vital role in enhancing productivity of employees as well as the overall quality of the product manufactures. So, without any further delay, call to purchase industrial lighting for your workplace.

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