SEO is vital for a business that wishes to expand its brand in the year 2020. This marketing strategy can enhance the ranking of a website in Search Engine Results Page. When your website is listed in the top results of this page, then there are better chances of clicking its link.

However, some businesses commit a few SEO mistakes that harm the overall reputation of the website. Knowledge about these mistakes and preventing them will help you reap maximum benefits from it in the long run.

Not targeting the content

One of the common mistakes that website owners make it that they write informative content but fail to target it. You need to consider your search intent to avoid losing the precious time and efforts that you have spent in creating it. It is needed that your website as well as the content should provide a solution to the searcher and provide an answer to his/her queries.

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Spammy Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the marketing ways that businesses are using in their business to improve their reach and visibility online. With a regular stream of content published on the website, they can get enhanced website traffic.

However, some websites use spammy guest blogging in place of legitimate guest blogging. Google penalizes those websites that use optimized anchors in their guest posts.

This type of anchor is an anchor text that makes use of keywords based on which you wish to rank. Google will crack down on links used in the guest post that are not in accordance with the theme of the site. So, do not optimize anchor texts.

Use of conventional SEO techniques

SEO is developing at a fast pace. If you wish that your business remains on the top of the search results, then you should update your existing SEO techniques. As the use of outdated SEO techniques can even penalize your website, it is advised to use only modern SEO techniques. Keep updating your SEO techniques, to lose out on precious traffic.

Overlooking search features and structured data and

Structured data is important to make yourself stand apart from the crowd. It can help your search result to feature higher in the search result. Also, it will appear bigger and prominent to compel searchers to click on it. Improved internal search functions and optimized search listings of a website makes it easy for a website to find relevant information easily.

Not paying attention to conversion optimization

This is another mistake that prevents businesses to reap desired results. Focus on conversion optimization and provide everything that the sales leads require to your paying customers. Reviews and case studies will help in conversion optimization and revenue generation.


Now that you have learned about all these SEO mistakes, you should make a conscious effort to avoid them in 2020. Use modern SEO techniques to keep yourself updated with the trending ones and stay ahead of your competitors.

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