Road safety is a responsibility. When you are driving a car, apart from driving carefully, you should remember that you are sharing the road with several others. Unlike those in cars, pedestrians and those driving bicycle and motorbikes don’t have seat belts and are more exposed to injuries.

33% of the accident fatalities in Australia during 2017 involved cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. They travel at different speed and car drivers should exercise caution when on road. Driving skills isn’t only about learning the right way to manoeuvre cars. It involves following safe driving practices.

Learn safe driving:

Lower the risk of accidents and injuries by getting the foundation of driving right. One top reason people choose to opt to learn driving through driving schools is because of the in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge the course provides. If you are looking for Sandringham driving lessons, get in touch with Pass First Go driving schools.

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Tips for safe driving:

Follow these safe driving tips and provide a safe driving atmosphere for other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

Maintain a safe distance:

Though there are advanced braking systems in two-wheelers, the braking distance is longer than those of cars and you should maintain a safe distance. In most Australian states you are required by law to maintain at least 1 metre distance from bikers and 1.5 metre distance in roads where the speed limit is 60 km/h.

Stay patient:

When you are encountering pedestrians and non-motorists especially in areas where there would be more non-motorist activity like schools, parks and shopping centres. Instead of being offensive, going defensive creates a safer and happier atmosphere for those in the road.

When dealing with motorists:

Keep an eye on blind spots often. Do careful shoulder checks before overtaking another vehicle. Be cautious when opening the door of your vehicle. Make sure no motorist or pedestrian is approaching your car door. Be extra careful when making turns.

  • Turning right: When you are turning right and you see a non-motorist going straight through the interceptions turn carefully. Check for blind spots and wait for at least 3 seconds to pass by before turning.
  • Turning left: There may be non-motorists approaching your vehicle in the left side. Slow down and check for vehicles and then turn.

Giving way to pedestrians:

  • When you have approached a pedestrian crossing, give way for pedestrians
  • If another vehicle has stopped at a pedestrian crossing, do not overtake it
  • When pedestrians are crossing at roundabouts, slow down and let them pass
  • On slip lanes give way to pedestrians regardless of the presence of pedestrian crossing.
  • During entering or leaving a driveway, give way to pedestrians.

Stay safe while driving. Sign up for a professional driving course to learn more on safe driving.

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