Internet evolution and technology advancement has improved online advertising. You can integrate them into your marketing strategy. You need to get familiar with all the advertising ways, to find a suitable combination for attaining your marketing goals.

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Get familiar with the varieties of online advertising methods

Native advertising

Paid ads matching the feel function, and look of the media setup they appear on are termed as native advertising. Unlike banner or display ads, native ads look like a portion of the content. The reader reads the ad content without any disruption. Native ad forms are –

  • Search ads
  • Promoted listings
  • In-feed
  • Recommendation widgets

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

SEM aims to enhance brand awareness in a short time. The most reliable SEM form is online paid search ads [PPC & CPM] you see on the sides or top of SERP. Unpaid SEM form is also possible, where you can attract organic search traffic, but needs accurate SEO practice. Relevance and intent are the two main things to consider while optimizing your site for keywords.

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Display ads

The visual advertisement that you post on 3rd party websites for online advertising has evolved from their basic banner ad form. You can find display ads in a variety of forms.

  • Static images
  • Text ads
  • Floating banners
  • Wallpaper
  • Pop up ads
  • Video flash

Display ads can be used to target a specific group through a blog or a website. They are affordable, but rates can differ from one third party site to another.

Mobile ads

According to a survey, mobile ads make more than 60% of the total digital advertising revenues. Full-screen interstitials ad, banner ads, and rich media ads are the best performing forms on mobile devices. Creating a business app is also a great way of promoting your brand. Build lightweight ads and add email ids, contact numbers, and a visible ‘tap-to-call’ button.

Email marketing

It is a faster, effective, and cheaper advertising form. You can boost sales and build long-term customer relationships. Use email management tools to create and send emails. Monitor your email campaign performance and ROI.

Email campaigns need to focus on discounts, free-offers, published blog posts, etc. The email has to be personalized, concise, and precise. Your message gets across with ease and thus increases conversion. Keep away from spamming practice!

Social media ads

Social media allows targeting a wide audience without a glitch. For example, on Facebook, you get targeting options like age, interests, region, status, and more. Social media are of two types –

  • Paid – You can take advantage of promoted posts to target specific users.
  • Organic – It means to get feedback naturally from your followers. It helps to create loyalty.

The hottest social network platforms to target are –

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

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