While talking about office ergonomics some amount of adjustments too can make lots of difference. If you often get fatigued at your workplace, have trouble focusing or suffer from certain aches and pains, either in your shoulder, neck, back or fingers, then it may be due to multiple causes. Certainly one of them is due to poor office ergonomics.

What we exactly mean by office ergonomics? Actually, it refers to optimization of the office setting for better comfort, health and productivity. It includes everything right from how you sit, equipment placement and how you generally interact with them, during your daily work.

As we mentioned before a small tweak in each areas can yield you tremendous benefits. If you are looking for office furniture in Perth with better ergonomics, then you can visit the showroom of Ideal Office Furniture.

Here in this write up we shall try to look at few most important changes in ergonomic that you should make in your office or in your work routine for working more healthily with better productivity.

    1. Stretch and move after every hour

Our body is not designed for sitting for long hour and work continuously. After every few hours your body part will start complaining. So you must take a periodic break and try to stretch up your body.

You can get up and take little walk or lift your legs one by one. You can also do few shoulder movement exercises.

    2. Alternate between sitting position to standing position

If your work needs prolong sitting for long hours or even standing position then you must alternate between sitting/standing position and give little relaxation to your whole body after every hour.

You do not need any long break for doing this, but only few minutes will be good enough.

    3. For your eyes adopt 20-20-20 rule

Nowadays most of us have to sit in front of computer screen and keep looking at it for long hours. Most opticians will recommend you the 20-20-20 rule.

Actually, this means that at least after every twenty minutes you need to spend gazing at screen, and you must look away at certain object which is at twenty feet away from you and look for minimum twenty seconds.

    4. Optimize placement of your workstation

If you are working in your workstation with a computer then you must optimize your computer monitor screen, keyboard of the computer as well as your mouse as these are the three things that you will handle most of the time.

What we mean by optimizing is that all these 3 must be placed in optimum position so that you can access them without making much effort.

    5. Pay attention to posture

Your posture while you are working is very important. You must select a chair which is comfortable for you while working and you should be able to perform your work effortlessly in your posture.

    6. Environmental settings

You must also do proper setting of lighting, air ventilation so that you feel comfortable while working.

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