Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from hemp as well as the cannabis plant. It was used by farmers to produce cloth, paper, rope, food, and fiber. However, in 1839, the same cannabidiol is introduced with medicinal benefit. Since then it’s being used for treating various health problems in humans like anxiety, PTSD, seizure, depression, diabetes, severe pain, and treatment for chemotherapy patients.

CBD also contains a small amount of THC, which produces a psychoactive effect in a person. This means, if the THC content is high in any product, then the person taking it will be high as long as the effect lasts. This is why different forms of CBD products like capsule, spray, smoke, injections, powder, pet treats, and edibles are made with precautions keeping in mind proper amount of CBD along with THC.

CBD is effective in humans because we have endocannabinoid system in our body. Similarly, mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds also have the endocannabinoid system present. This means CBD is also effective in them. This is the reason why some pet treats also contain CBD. However, not all CBD products are suitable for pets because CBD contains a certain amount THC that keeps a person high and I just can’t imagine my dog swaying on the floor.

CBD for pets isn’t largely approved, thus it may be difficult to find CBD pet treats with correct ingredients. The Pet CBD Company which was founded in 2017 has been delivering authentic CBD oil for cats, dogs, and horses as well as dog treats to 15,000 customers. Their quality has never deteriorated. Their hemp plant is cultivated with high CBD and low THC to provide the finest quality CBD Isolate for their customers all over the US.

Veterinarians are still working on completing the study on cannabidiol. Here are some benefits that have been observed –

  • It helps in managing pain in human and animal bodies. Unlike humans, animals are unable to explain their pain.
  • CBD is an anticonvulsant which helps in controlling spasms, tics, seizure, and tremors.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s beneficial in treating various problems.
  • Like humans’ pets also suffer from mental problems like anxiety, stress, phobias, etc. CBD helps in controlling different mental symptoms. So, next time when you’re traveling and you know your pet has travel phobia, give them a CBD treat that helps them overcome their phobia.
  • CBD is an antiemetic that helps in preventing nausea and vomiting and also increases appetite.
  • Certain research shows that it helps in preventing colon cancer in mice and prevents the growth and development of nasty tumors.

If your veterinarian decides to treat your pet with CBD, then keep a few things in mind –

  • The product shouldn’t contain any fungicide, pesticide, or any solvents. It should be purely organic.
  • CBD Oil should additive-free, thus don’t go for cheaper products, because they may contain some inappropriate additives.
  • CBD for pets is still not legalized, therefore those selling CBD for animals should be licensed and certified by the government.

The best form of CBD is oil or tincture. Treats are also good, but with tincture or oil, you can adjust the quantity for your animal accordingly. Research n CBD is increasing every day to ensure its good or humans and animals. CBD isn’t approved by the FDA for veterinary medicine. Therefore, it is wise to consult a veterinarian before using them for your pets.

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