The arrival of a baby is the most exciting news for the family and every expecting mom and dad wants to create a safe haven for their child, where they can grow up. The first place to start is definitely the baby’s nursery.

The nursery should be decorated in a multipurpose way so that the child doesn’t grow out of it too soon. It should be a functional, inspirational, and educational playroom. The best way to start is with the wallpapers!

The nursery wall art should be inspired by his/her character-shaping and at the same time it should be fun and cheerful. For new and different ideas for wall décor, you needn’t look further than the bespoke baby website, which has innovative and inspirational wall decors to liven up your kid’s nursery. There is plenty of ideas to choose from and you can mix and match till you get the perfect fit!

To know some of the nursery decors’ ideas keep reading further.

  • Main feature wall – A natural texture or feature wall is a must-have in a room. It gives the room an aesthetically pleasing look. Using neutral colors or pastel and contrasting colors along with woods and textures can become a beautiful main feature wall.
  • Lively wallpaper – The wallpaper is what really brings out the feel of a room. That’s why it is important to have a homely and cheerful wallpaper in the kid’s room. The art can vary from cartoon to animal murals, flowers to geometrical prints. There are plenty to choose from.
  • Personalized name plaque – A room feels more personal when you have more pictures and personalized décor items. And how better to declare the room other than having a personalized name plaque amongst other things. You can place it on the featured wall as a nice addition to the room.
  • Quirky canopy – Canopy tents are something right out of a fairytale and a popular décor in a child’s room. Style your canopy space with cute cushions and soft rugs to make it as cozy for your child.
  • Simple artwork – Artwork can range between bold, dramatic, or colorful. There is much to choose from and pairing it with quotes or typography can make it a unique addition to the room. Educational nursery prints of numbers, alphabets, and the animal kingdom also add an educational perspective to the nursery.
  • Scenery art prints – Having frames with a beautiful painting of nature or an abstract painting or print of the sun and mountains with color themes is a soothing addition to the nursery.
  • Soft lighting – Soft lighting in a nursery is essential. It gives a pleasant feel to the room and the soft light doesn’t even disturb the baby’s sleep. It is a perfect addition and they come in different shapes and sizes to light up the nursery.

There are many ways that you can choose to decorate your kid’s bedroom. The best way is to start off slow by choosing the best wallpapers and then go on to the other decors that complement it.

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