As we know every commercial place like businesses, restaurants, pubs, everyone needs to have a first impression of their customers. Just like any other furnishings that are important for our décor, entrance mats play a very vital role especially for the areas like lobby and reception. Here in this article, we are writing all about the indoor entrance mats and their importance in your place.

Entrance mats have their main important role as a cleaner which can remove dirt, dust, muds, and debris from the shoes of any person entering your place. In this way, they make your commercial premise look clean. Only good entrance mats can do this work efficiently. Sometimes you must have seen these mats are placed both in the interior as well as exterior areas. However, there is a reason behind it.

Both interior and exterior mats are made of different materials and serve a different purpose altogether.

  1. Exterior Mats: They are usually made of rough type material like fingertip bristles which helps to remove dust, mud, and debris from the person’s shoes who is entering your premises. They are also slip-resistant which makes them look sturdy in any kind of weather. However, these cannot absorb moisture, which is especially required during the rainy season.
  2. Interior Mats: On the other hand, these mats are made of high absorbent quality. They can soak up much moisture from the shoes keeping them dry. They can also remove dirt and dust so that the shoe is clean enough before they step on the floor.

Some do have indoor mats, which are custom-made. They have logos and designs which can spread the brand awareness of your company. These are used as advertisement mats as they would catch a lot of attention when people enter your office or spend more time in your waiting areas. Hence, these are especially useful for reception areas and lobbies. Therefore, such mats need to look plush and sophisticated. They need to have a variety of colors, designs and textures which attract your customers.

We have Ultimate Mats who can help you get this kind of custom-made logo matsThese are made of very high-quality materials and designs. You can use them to showcase your logo and name to your customers, making them attractive for them. It can not only be used for business areas but also as a décor for your home.

Indoor mats are always the best to stop any kind of dirt from entering your premises, hence it is good for any restaurants, organizations, shopping malls, and pubs. The material that they are made of are absorbent nylon, polyamide and propylene fibers which have the power to absorb any kind of moisture, dirt from reaching the floors and also help to prevent any accidents related to slip and fall.

Indoor mats can work wonders with a combination of outdoor mats, especially in areas where there is excessive traffic with muds, dirt and dust carried by the shoes. Hence, the indoor-outdoor entrance mat system is very useful to keep your premises clean and tidy. They will not only save you money, but help keep your area attractive and hygienic.

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